Cnc Plasma And Oxy Cutting Machines

ProCut Plasma Cutting Machine

ProCut is designed for heavy operations and offering multiple stations such as plasma and oxy cutting system.

CompactCut Plasma Cutting Machine

CompactCut with solid and stable Monobloc structure addresses to mid and small range workshops with HyPerformance Plasma, Hyspeed plasma and air plasma by Hypertherm.

BevelCut Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine

BevelCut is an upgraded version of ProCut. It is offering angle cutting by ±45° with a perfect finish and hole for bolt. BevelCut allows alternative results such as Y, X, V, K welding preparations.

OxyCut Oxygen Cutting Machine

Oxy cutting machine is a perfect solution for general purpose and heavy duties. Cutting capacity is up to 300mm!

TubeCut Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

Transforming raw pipes to unique parts of daily life by cutting in excellence.