About Us


From Turkey to all over the world…

Loyal Machinery is well known and reputable leading manufacturer of CNC Plasma and Oxy cutting as well as sheet metal working machines with 3000sqm closed production area in Bursa, Turkey.

More than 10-year of manufacturing experience, remaining loyal at its quality with eupean safety standards and quality control management system, implementing international production standart and norms, well equipped technicians and following technological developments, Loyal Makina presents cost-efficient machinaries in sheet metal working and fabricating industry.

We also serve all customer from every country with a extensive technical service network and wide range of spare parts of metal working machines as well as Hypertherm consumable parts.

Loyal Machinery has been a rapid growth during the recent years by considering customer needs, R&D studies, applying marketing strategies and teamwork. Due to these considerable developments, today Loyal Machinery exports %99 of production all over the world.


Our challenge is to professionally supply worldwide manufactured machines as well as to stay competitive in tomorrow’s World.

The mission of Loyalmak is to meet needs of the customer along with the satisfaction of employees’ needs within a context of sustainable and long-term economic development.


To have our professional product in every sheet and steel metal factory in the world.

After  Sales

When you experience a problem on the machine, it has to be solved in the shortest time. Because every second  without operating is extremely crucial for you and it effects directiy to your cost. For this reason, every operator or customer  of machines  need valuable aftersales service from the manufacturer. Therefore, we consider this argument as a key aspect and Loy-Mak A.Ş. gurantees substantial supports in order to satisfy customer.

Installation and Training

Our technicians will be arrived at your premises in couple days in order to install the machine and give training course after receiving the machine. Commissioning will be carried out by our well-qualified Professional and done with caution. During installation of machine, brief informaiton will be given. After all, training course will start and be performed by our skilled technicians in order to control the machine as well as increasing productivity and decreasing operating cost. You might be sure that you are in safe hands.


Our after sales service is supported by technical documentations, videos and images in order to enhance your capabilities of controling on the machine and eliminate the problems. You can reach all doments including manuals, software and information of components on our website. As well as prepared documents, you can ask any information by email or phone to our professionals. Our technicians will be pleased  to help you in any case.

Spare Parts

We recommend you to use original spare parts and components. It effects your profitability and machine  life-time. In addition to these, it is important to find right part ontime when it is needed. As a result of this, Loy-Mak A.Ş. always give a decent service with wide range of spare parts and components in stock.




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